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Short Bio

I’m Yuke Lou, an undergraduate student (expected to graduate in 2023) from Turing Class, School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Peking University.

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Research Experience

Currently, I’m conducting research at the Visual Computing And Learning (VCL) lab under the supervision of Prof. Baoquan Chen and Prof. Libin Liu. This summer I had a wonderful time working with Prof. Taku Komura.

My research interest lies in the intersection of computer graphics and computer vision. In particular, my current research focuses on Motion Synthesis. I’m optimistic about the prospects of virtual avatars and metaverse.

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Selected Awards


Languages: Python, C/C++, C#, JavaScript

Tools: Unity, Blender, Ps, Pr, LrC, Au ……


WeChat official account: Thorin的快乐生活

Hobbies: Sports & Traveling & Photography & Mini 4WD & Gundam